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APICS Western Michigan University Student Chapter

Celebrates 15 years of Platinum Status!


The Student Chapter Management and Recognition Program offer student chapters practical guidance from the diverse resources of parent chapters. As part of the lasting relationships created, parent chapters provide comprehensive instruction on administration, education, membership, public relations, and APICS programs.

Specifically, incoming student chapter leaders receive guidance on sound chapter management and instruction on benchmark processes and activities.

In recognition of achievement, student chapters earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum awards and a monetary award. The chapters are recognized on the APICS Web site.

The Platinum Award recognizes organizations that have consistently demonstrated superior organizational management skills by receiving the Gold Award for five or more consecutive years, indicated strong integrative and innovative skills, and demonstrated exceptional growth. You can only maintain your Platinum status by achieving the Gold Award level on a yearly basis.

The APICS Western Michigan University Student Chapter, an Affiliated Student Chapter of the APICS Southwest Michigan Chapter, has just completed thier 15th year as a Platinum Chapter.