Certification Maintenance

APICS Certification Maintenance Guidelines

You have worked hard to achieve certification. Keeping your certification up-to-date and active shows your dedication to your career in operations and supply chain management and helps boost your standing within your organization and the industry.

Maintaining your certification is easy, and you can submit your maintenance application at any point in the maintenance cycle:

  • Log in to your APICS account
  • Access the online maintenance application
  • Choose the designation you need to maintain
  • Fill in the number of points you have earned in each category
  • Pay the fee and submit the application

Both CSCP and CPIM Require you to earn a total of 75 professional development points every five years to keep your certification
current.  If you do not maintain certification within five years of suspension, your certification is terminated, and you will be required to retake your exam(s). 

If you didn't know: APICS launched a certification verification service in July 2014. APICS is offering this publicly available online certification verification tool to provide prospective employers and other stakeholders with a simple, easy way to verify certification status. The tool is available at apics.org/verification

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How to I Get CE Credit ?

One point per instructional hour (half-hour increments are accepted as half points) for attending any educational program or course that relates directly to supply chain and operations management.

  • A remote item-writing workshop (2 points for viewing the webinar and submitting 10 items).
  • A remote item-writing workshop (1 point per approved item for a maximum of 10 points per year).
  • A live certification item-writing workshop (16 points for a two-day workshop and webinar—full event attendance required).Passing cut score study (5 points per day).
  • A conference, seminar, workshop, educational plant tour or webinar (live or recorded).
  • A professional development program (for example, channel partners or district).
  • Full APICS conference attendance (24 points). Partial points for part-time attendance are also accepted, and 1 point is awarded per educational or instructional hour.
  • A training program sponsored by the candidate’s company or another independent organization.
  • A College or University course for credit (3 credit hours x 16 weeks = 48 hours or 48 points).
  • Home-study courses (including APICS-MGI Management Institute and ISM home-study courses) (3 points).
  • All other courses with approved continuing education units (CEUs) (3 points per CEU credit)
  • APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) participation (after obtaining initial CPIM certification):
    • Completion of APICS CPIM review course (1 point per hour)
    • Passing the APICS CPIM exam (10 points)
    • Obtaining the APICS CPIM Online Tool certification of completion (2 points)
  • APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program participation:
    • Completion of the APICS CSCP Learning System (30 points.) Learning System paired with an instructor-led course (40 points)
    • Passing the APICS CSCP exam (additional 20 points.)
  • APICS Supply Chain Operations Reference-model Professional (SCOR-P) participation:
    • Completion of APICS SCOR-P training course (24 points)
    • Passing the APICS SCOR-P exam (10 points)
  • 6 points for being an APICS Member